Welcome to the Digital Citizen Project Locations of visitors to this page

This wiki is currently in its infancy. Its success will heavily dependent on the contributions of students, educators and parents from around the world. The best way to grow this site and to spread digital responsible ideas will be to invite those in your Personal Learning Network to join our efforts. We call on educators to empower their students (from young to old) to contribute and share.

It is important to note that it is not the intention of this site to promote webpage blocking, over-filtering, censorship, rather it is our ultimate goal to help our children become intrinsically responsible digital citizens who are able to make good decisions as they navigate the web.

Goals of this project include:

1. Create a global student driven wiki that espouses the beliefs of digitally responsible students

2. Host examples and stories of students working to eliminate irresponsible internet use

3. Facilitate a student driven curriculum for safe web living, learning and sharing

4. Network students, educators and parents who want to break down fear based concerns of internet use in schools and homes

5. Provide students, educators and parents with a resource for facilitating the conversation about what it means to be digitally literate and digitally responsible.

Please add your own goals